A Co-Teaching Lesson Plan. Using the lesson plan format in Chapter Four (available at http://files.solution-tree.com/pdfs/Reproducibles_ISI/mylessonplan.pdf), develop a lesson plan that is intended to be co-taught.Your lesson plan should include the curriculum objective, the procedure and student connections (including a detailed description of the co-teaching model that is being used and the role of each teacher), accommodations /modifications for students with special needs (you may make up a student with a disability for this section or use one of the examples in this week’s discussion), assessments (includes at least two forms of assessment aligned with the curriculum objective), and reflections. The lesson plan should be one- to two- pages and should be written in APA format. Include at least two references, in addition to the course text, in the lesson plan.Reference: Solution Tree. (n.d.). My Lesson Plan. Reproducible. Retrieved from http://files.solution-tree.com/pdfs/Reproducibles_ISI/mylessonplan.pdf


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