A study on consumer behaviour with reference to medicine

Business Research

At least 4,500 words Report format.
Diagrams, figures, tables, and illustrations should be incorporated into the text at the appropriate place, unless there is a series of them or they are continually referred to throughout the text.  In this case they should be placed in appendices at the end of the work.

Chapter 1 – Introduction.
An explanation as to what the Dissertation is all about and why it is important. The research questions or hypotheses.

Chapter 2 – Literature Review
A critical analysis of what other researchers have said and where your topic fits in. The theoretical framework.

Chapter 3 – Methodology
Why certain data was collected and how it was collected and analysed.

Chapter 4 – Results
A presentation of your research results.

Chapter 5 – Analysis and Discussion
Analysis of your results showing the contribution to knowledge you have made and acknowledgement of any weaknesses/limitations in your work.

Chapter 6 – Conclusions/Recommendations
A description of the main lessons to be learned from the study and what future research could be carried out.

Chapter 7 – References and Bibliography
References are a detailed list of sources from which information has been obtained and which has been cited in the text. The bibliography is a detailed list of other sources you have used but not cited.

Appendices –
Detailed data referred to but not shown elsewhere.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to the topics (industry, company, topic, etc)
1.2 Situation Analysis
1.3 Problem Statement
1.4 Research Questions
1.5 Objectives of the study
1.6 Limitations of the study
1.7 Scope of the study
1.8 Hypotheses
1.9 Organization of Thesis
2.0 Review of Literature
2.1 Reviews
2.2 Gap Analysis
2.3 Conceptual Model
3.0     Research Methodology
3.1     Research Onion
3.2     Research Process
3.2.1     Research Philosophy
3.2.2     Research Approach
3.2.3     Research Strategy
3.2.4     Choices
3.2.5     Time Horizons
3.2.6     Data Collection
3.2.7     Research Instrument
3.2.8     Research Design
3.2.8     Samples
3.2.9     Sample Size and Sampling Techniques
3.3     Accessibility Issues
3.4     Ethical Issues

The report is expected to critically review at least 30 sources (Full Reviews) to underpin the study. The literature should mostly rely on published academic journal articles in the research area. + Supporting reviews (Supporting reviews –to help in the flow of writing). This critical activity should produce a conceptual framework.
Full Reviews sample (6 reviews)
Fashion brand preferences among young consumers was studied by Margaret et.al. (1998) (SOURCE) to understand how young consumers developed brand loyalty, brand preference and reliance. – (OBEJCTIVES). This study of over 200 young consumers (aged 7-10) examined perceptions of branded fashion clothing; and the impact of social influences on young consumers’ evaluation of branded fashion products. (HOW IS THE RESEARCH DONE – RESERACH METHODOLOGY) The findings indicated that product/brand imagery was clearly established among young consumers, particularly for branded fashion products; (FINDINGS) and the results suggested that research design had to take account of both age and gender differences when choosing methods for eliciting data from young consumers. (SUGGESTIONS) Overall, the study concluded that the young consumers are not brand loyal but have high fashion involvement. (CONCLUSIONS)
Supporting Reviews sample
Mark (1999 )supported the findings of Margaret et.al. (1998) in his study on consumer behaviour towards SIA. However, another study conducted by Lisa (2012) found less relevance of brand’s impact in sales. The relationship between involvement and product knowledge has also been suggested as an interactive (reciprocal) one (Gardial and Zinkhan, 1984). Interestingly, Zaichkowsky (1985) has examined  (objective) the relationship between involvement and expertise and argued that involvement may be unrelated to expertise.
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