Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

I needcomplete2-3 pages paperon the following assignment.HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED.Mustaddress the all steps properly.Mustinclude3 credible referencesand cited inAPA.Must provide100% originalwork.
Watch the following video in preparation for this assignment:
Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). (2010). Introduction. Retrieved from
Use what you learned from the video the modules required readings and your own research to answer the following questions in your paper.Your paper must include complete 2-3 pages length (Excluding title and references page).
1. Discuss the purpose of accreditation. Has the process of accreditation really improved the quality of care being provided to patients?
2. Identify and discuss the process of accreditation for the chosen agency.
3. Discuss some of the standards they look for when they go on-site. Are the standards rigorous or vague?
4. Do these agencies make the results of their surveys public? How could knowing this information be beneficial to patients?
In your paper
Must include proper introduction and conclusion
Must provide 3 credible sources cited in APA
Required Readings
Affordable Care Act; findings from Mayo Clinic provide new insights into Affordable Care Act (expected and unexpected consequences of the Affordable Care Act: The impact on patients and surgeonspro and con arguments). (2016). Managed Care Weekly Digest 63.
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Managed care; researchers at American College of Physicians Report new data on managed care (preconsultation exchange in the United States: Use awareness and attitudes). (2015). Insurance Weekly News 171.
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA); NCQA health insurance plan ratingsvaluable tool for consumers. (2015 November 1). Health Insurance Law Weekly p. 31.
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Waitzkin H. & Hellander I. (2016). Obamacare: The neoliberal model comes home to roost in the United Statesif we let it. Monthly Review 68(1) 1-18.

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