Administration and Health Care Governance and Compliance.

At St. Raphael Medical Center the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Maxwell Shock is meeting with the Board of Directors for approval of a major expansion that would include building a new medical school and expand the clinical and in-patient systems to support the new EHR/EMR records system. The Board of Directors approved Mr. Shock’s proposal with one conditionthat he appoint a Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) to oversee not only this proposal’s directives but also manage the entire Health Care IT Organization which includes (but is not limited to) the departments of IT Network Security In-patient Processes and Systems Ambulatory and Ancillary Systems IT Network Infrastructure School of Medicine Academics and R&D Health Care Finance and Administration and Health Care Governance and Compliance.
Mr. Shock agrees with the condition and schedules a meeting with the Chief Human Resource Officer May Wells to develop an executivejob description for the CMIO position and initiate an executive position search.
Part 1Your assignment is to research information technology (IT) positions and develop a job description (24 pages) for the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) position. Include at a minimum the following sections:
Part 2Maxwell Shock and the Board of Directors have hired Sherry Thomas as the new CMIO. One of her firstresponsibilities is to develop herHealth Care IT Security organizational chart. Based on your research of IT Health Care related organizational structures your assignment is to develop an IT Health Care organization chart (12 pages) with departments identified in the introduction and at a minimum one new additional department. For each department describethe roles and responsibilities. In addition to the organizational chart and roles and responsibilities for each named department explain the benefits of creating a CMIO position.
Assignment Requirements

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