Aging Population

Order description: Topic: Aging Populations Modern medicine has expanded the frontiers of life expectancy. In the United States alone, the number of older people is projected to increase by 135% from 2000-2050. In China, the elderly population is expected to rise to 360 million by 2030 (compared to 200 million in 2013), a problem further exacerbated by China’s shrinking working population, a result of the instituted “one-child policy” (Cary 2013; China’s people problem). Examine the issues related to caring for and sustaining the care of the world’s aging populations. Identify the ethical debates related to birth control and euthanasia and discuss them in relation to the enormous economic strain of prolonged health care costs (1700 words).
1. Persuasive Essay: (1200 words, not including references) Within the stages of an argument, evaluative language and clause structures will either function to support an argument or detract from its merit. The argument essay required here is an exposition: – Background: Brief introduction to the issue contextualising the problem – Thesis: States the author’s position (includes scope, stance & conclusion) – Arguments: Concisely communicate the rationale for the thesis through definition, explanation and the integration of supporting evidence – Thesis Reinforcement: Restates (rewords) the thesis and summarises salient supporting arguments 2. PersuasiveBrochure:(500words) The brochure will also function to persuade but will distinguish itself in the structure and approach. The brochure stages are carefully designed to “entice” readers and conclude with an engaging “Call to action”. The brochure will also distinguish itself from the discussion essay in length and language expression (i.e. professional, non-academic conventions). – Title: Brief description of the problem (nominalised form) – Identification: Concisely defines and describes the entity (“organisation”) – Context Relevance: Situates the “organisation” within a context and argues for their position through belief statements – Call to Action: A direct “call to action” for the reader to respond and align.

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