ASK 1: Sexism (7 points total)Please complete Glick & Fiske’s (1996) “Ambivalent Sexism Inventory” (ASI) at: should take no more than 10 minutes so you won’t have to invest too much time. After you complete the ASI, you will be given TWO scores, one for your level of hostile sexism and one for your level of benevolent sexism. You will also be able to compare your scores to others who took the survey online as well as some responses broken down by country.For this task, you will be considering the scores themselves and also the concepts.1. Analyze and discuss your hostile and benevolent sexism SCORES (2.5pts).(Note: If you are uncomfortable providing your actual scores in the public forum, please don’t. However, you should send me the scores via IM or email so I know you did complete the assignment and get credit). For the post, you need to discuss and analyze your scores by comparison – compare your scores to the average of at least two other categories; to males/females; other countries  — you select who or what you find interesting to compare to but more importantly, provide reasons why you chose those categories and what you expected to find in your comparison (with reasons based in psychological concepts). Other aspects to consider: What did you think of the items in the survey? Explain what you think about the scores .. accurate? What else crossed your mind?2. Analyze and discuss the CONCEPTS of hostile and benevolent sexism (4.5pts).Some questions I came up with for you to consider (but remember, certainly add more of your own thoughts here): Do you think “ambivalent” sexism makes sense? How do you think the two types are related? What is the relevance and implications of these? How might we reduce each one? I’m sure there are many other ideas that come to your mind so please explore them in this commentary.As part of this task, find one article from a Psychology Journal (preferably one that has the words “Social” along with “Psychology” in the title of the journal) that explored the ASI (and please, do not use the original Glick and Fiske work or other work they did following up on the scale for this requirement — of course you can include their work for other parts of the discussion if you want). Provide a brief paragraph summarizing the article (again, that involves writing about the hypothesis, briefly what they did and what they found — all in your own words) and make sure to include the proper APA citation for the source (this summary of the article will be worth 1.5 out of the 4.5 points).Hope you enjoy. Keep in mind that not all of you will agree with each other and that is just FINE; just make sure that along with opinion, you consider the social psychological principles at play and needless to say, are respectful in your responses to each other!TASK 2: Racism (5 points)For this task, please watch the following excerpt provided by Frontline on Youtube taken from Jane Elliott’s classic experiment titled “A Class Divided”.  For this assignment, you only need to watch about 27 minutes of it (53 minutes total; all of it is very interesting so I encourage you to watch as much of it as you can).  Please keep in mind that this was done in a different historical time so obviously, contains references and procedures that most likely would not be allowed today. FYI, there are many other reenactments of this (for example, The Oprah Winfrey Show did one). task for this discussion is to provide a social psychological commentary of various things that happened in the short study. You should consider adding a little of your personal opinion and application to your own experiences and those of others to make this commentary unique to you. However, the big part of this commentary is to apply and analyze various social psychological concepts/theories/research findings from the chapter as applied to various details of this study.As always, even if some of this material is disturbing or very personal, I hope you enjoy this method of learning. It might help some of you who were disturbed by the methodoloy and the children as participants to know that Ms. Elliot followed up with her original students when they were adults and they indicated that they were thankful and learned a lot from the experience (as you can see in the latter part of the video).


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