business medicine and health

Come up with as many WILD ideas of your own or building on the ideas of others (and defering judgment) that fixes the need for an effective way to quickly diagnose and treat acute cardiac tamponade without specialized expertise. Go!
AFTER you get a sense of how to ideate and brainstorm – post your revised needs statement (as the subject of the thread) and participate in ideation/brainstorming on other student’s thread (remember: defer judgement, do NOT discourage wild ideas).
When brainstorming you can start with: What if we… or Building on [another student’s name]’s idea…
FINALLY: Review the output from the brainstorming and pick the top three concepts you want to explore in the remaining weeks (this will be narrowed down to one concept before the end of the class). Defend your chosen concepts referencing evidence from Week 1 (Need Screening); Week 2 (Need Filtering); and Week 3 (Stakeholder, Market and Needs Filtering).

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