Business Statistics

I am looking for someone who is good in Business Statistics. I have a portfolio due. It is 10 labs total that needs to be complete.  Lab #1

1. Using Excel and the “Whitner Data Set” file located in e-learning, conduct a Data Analysis (Descriptive Statistics) of the variable “Price”.

2. Write an explanatory paragraph (not to exceed one page; double-spaced) addressing the results of your Descriptive Statistics (mention if the skeweness and kurtosis are acceptable).

3. Explain about the measures of location (mean, median, and mode), specifically state if the distribution of numbers is positively or negatively skewed, and how did you determine it. Explain about the measures of dispersion (variance, standard deviation, and standard error).

4. Explain what is coefficient of variability for the variable “Price”. What is its significance?

5. The Computer Lab Assignment must follow the following sequence: Page 1: Cover page Page 2: Explanatory Paragraph Page 3: Descriptive Statistics Table

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