Comparison of Postmortem and Antimortem Injuries

The module is Forensic Pathology, this coursework is a report about the above title and after the report done I will do slides presentation about it. if there is any figures or tables please feel free to include them and also, one of the important part of the structure of this report is the discussion which include criticism!!
Here is some points about the report might be helpful
A) what is postmortem
B) what is antimortem
C) comparison of antimortem and postmortem injuries (e.g bruises, drowning, … etc) and how we can differentiate or determine if the injuries are postmortem or antimortem
D) methods
E) the occurrence and is it difficult or easy to determine that?
The criticism part is VERY IMPORTANT
Here is some research sources you can use:
Forensic pathology
 Knight’s Forensic Pathology. Eds. Saukko P, Knight B, Arnold, 2004 (more recent edition)
 The Pathology of Trauma (3rd edition), Mason, J.K. & Purdue, B.N. (Arnold), 2000
 A Colour Atlas of Diagnosis after Recent Injury, (Wolfe) 1990
 Forensic Pathology Colour Guide, Williams, (Livingstone) 1997
 Essentials of Autopsy Practice: Recent Advances, Topics and
Developments, Rutty, G.N., Ed (Springer-Verlag UK) 2010
 The Estimation of the Time Since Death in the Early Post Mortem Period, (2nd
edition), Henssge, C., Krompecher, T., Madea, B., Nokes, L., (Hodder Arnold) 2002
Forensic Journals
 Medicine, Science and the Law
 Forensic Science International
 American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology
 Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine (
 Journal of Forensic Sciences
 International Journal of Legal Medicine.

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