Complete Parts 1-3 for this assessment assignment listed below.  Your paper should be 500-750 words in length and formatted according to APA format guidelines. Be sure to include a minimum of two scholarly research articles within your paper.Part 1: Based upon the job description you wrote in seminar two, write ten interview questions that you would use within a structured interview. Be sure your interview questions are relevant to the job you have selected. What are guidelines for legally appropriate interview questions? How do these guidelines shape the development of your interview questions?Part 2: Describe a realistic job preview for the new hire and explore why it is important. What types of information about the job and the workplace would you share as an orientation for the new employee?Part 3.Develop a training program for the job that you selected that ensures employees have the required knowledge, skills and abilities. How would you determine what training needs to be done? How do you account for cultural differences when designing this training program? How would you evaluate whether the training was effective?


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