contact commerce and colonization

In this forum you will discuss questions you see in the handout. You can also use subject headings in our book as topics.. (For example, you might want to write about “Silver, Sugar, and Slaves” on page 435.) Tell why you think the question or key topic you choose is especially valuable to our understanding of the era. Give specific examples of what you might share if you were writing about this topic in an essay.

It is appropriate to start a thread if you are the first person to write on a particular topic. If someone has started a topic you want to write about, please respond to them and add something to the discussion.

This forum is officially worth 15 points, though you could get up to 20 points if you make especially valuable contributions. You can get five points for each post you make. Please plan to write a short but meaningful paragraph (four or five sentences is fine) for each post. You can get just as much credit for responding as you can for starting a thread.

Please do not write more than one solid paragraph, or two very short paragraphs, in a single post. You want to leave things for other people to say.

I enabled the podcast option, so feel free to do one or more of your responses by podcast 🙂

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