Describe how changing ideas about religion philosophyscience

HW215-2: Describe how changing ideas about religion philosophyscience and psychology influence the understanding of health.Paradigm Shift: Religion Spirituality Science and CAM (23 pages)Answer the following questions: 1. What is the role of religion andspirituality in health? 2. How might religion spirituality andscience be integrated as part of a paradigm shift to holistichealing? 3. How might the use of a Complementary and AlternativeMedicine (CAM) model serve as a paradigm shift? Example: 1.Introduction (purpose statement or what the paper discusses) 2.Religion and Spirituality in Healing (briefly discuss) 3. Scienceand Healing (briefly discuss) 4. Benefits of Using Complementaryand Alternative Medicine (CAM) Approach (briefly describe) 5.Conclusion (summary of what the paper discussed) 6. References (APAformat)

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