Describe the components and internal systems that enable the dental porcelain

Describe the components and internal systems that enable the dental porcelain furnace to operate successfully.2. Discuss the mechanisms that bond porcelain materials to analloy interface?3. Compare the production of porcelain laminate veneers using a refractory die material or the use of a platinum foil matrix.4.Describe in detail the internal changes that occur within dental porcelain when firing porcelain jacket crowns and bonded porcelain restorations.5.Describe the process of sintering. What would happen if the required temperature was not reached or exceeded?6.Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using high gold content bonding alloys when constructing bonded porcelain restorations.7.Describe the effects on porcelain frit during a dentine firing cycle in a furnace with a vacuum.8.Explain the problems that might be encountered whenconstructing a PJC and a bonded crown on adjacentteeth.9.Give an account of the information you would expect to find on Medicines and Health care products Regulatory Agency laboratory dental appliance prescription that requires a porcelain crown.10.Compare and contrast the different materials that may beused in the construction of direct and indirect restorationsthat restore damaged or carious anterior teeth.

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