Directions:  You are to create a PowerPoint presentation or a Word Document that includes the following:Several (at least ten) pictures of you as a child/adolescent.  Each picture should be representative of your growth in each of the areas of development.  If you don’t have access to pictures of yourself, find pictures from the Internet that are representative of you.A description of each picture that includes(1)  Your age at the time of the picture(2)  The area of development that is evident in the picture (Socio-Emotional, Physical, or Cognitive)(3)  Where the picture was taken(4)  How your own cultural background affected your development(5)  A determination as to whether or not you had met any developmental milestones appropriate to your age at the time of the picture (See Lessons One, Two, and Three).A conclusion paragraph of at least 250 words that includes insights you have gained from completing this project


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