Discussion $5.00  Please use detailDiscuss the importance of positive socialization and how different cultural and ethical perspectives influence different aspects of development, self-concept, and identity.Evaluate environmental influences such as geographical variance, religious beliefs, and the construction of the school setting (e.g., boarding school versus public school, traditional versus experiential learning) for cultural and ethical differences on development.Short Paper $10.00 at least 3 pages and 3 cited sources apa format. Please answer all questionsPrompt: Based on the articles you read in Module Four on gender dysphoria, write a short paper about the influence of acceptance, parenting styles, and howthese can directly steer a child’s gender identity. Moreover, think about society today and acceptance of varied gender roles compared to the 1950s.Also, consider and explore society’s influence on gender dysphoria in your argument. Is there a direct correlation to gender identity and society or not? Gender Dysphoria: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Gender Dysphoria Gender Stereotypes in the Family Context: Mothers, Fathers, and Siblings The Early Development of Gender DifferencesSpecifically, your paper should address the following: What is different today in parenting styles compared to the 1950s? Considering the criteria and changes made in the DSM in the most recent version (DSM-5) compared to earlier, outdated versions, is there a directcorrelation to gender identity and society or not?


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