english essay 216

  1. Read “Does Thinking Make it So?” (O’Donnell in Flachmann, pp. 401- 403)
  2. Summarize “Does Thinking Make it So” in just one developed paragraph–include only the author’s key points. Identify both the author and title in your opening sentence. Post to Wk 5 Discussions.
  3. Post a scratch outline of your C & C essay to Discussions, Wk 5:
    • include your “Working Thesis” (this must be written as a complete sentence)
    • include 3-4 points you will compare and contrast
    • identify which method you’ll mostly likely use to organize your essay (Point-by-Point or Subject-by-Subject)
    • identify at least one additional mode of development that you’ll incorporate into your C & C essay, such as illustration, cause and effect, definition, argument/persuasion, description, narration, or process analysis.
    • identify one source you’ll use in your paper
  4. Submit the final draft of Essay #3, Comparison & Contrast, to Wk 5 link (750-850 words, max.)
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