Escape Fire

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you will need to watch the film “Escape Fire” in order to complete your Reflection Paper
In the film “Escape Fire”, a number of different ways in which the US healthcare system could be reformed or improved were presented including the following: 1) altering how primary care services are delivered, 2) using integrative medicine and alternative medicine therapies to treat conditions like chronic pain or PTSD, and 3) creating workplace wellness programs and financial incentives for employees of self-insured companies.
For this assignment, you will write a 500-1000 word memo that advocates for one of these three approaches in a particular setting. For example, you may write as the director of HR for a large company to the CEO of your company to replicate the Safeway program in your company. Or you might write to the medical director of a primary care clinic. You can direct the memo to any appropriate person within an organization. You can choose any of the three options above or any other strategy for fixing the US healthcare system mentioned in the movie.
You will need to make your argument citing and including references from both the movie, “Escape Fire”, and at least 2 other sources. Make your argument as persuasive as possible. Be creative.
Students will be expected to appropriately cite all references and to use APA writing style guidelines. Students are expected to review the APA tutorial online
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