eucational experienceDiscuss what your new educational experience was, what made it a new experience for you, and why you chose the particular experience you did.2.  Relation to class materialIdentify at least 3 concepts discussed in class that relate to your new educational experience.Define each concept and how it relates to your experience.3.  PerspectiveWhat was your perspective, with regards to your new educational experience, prior to your new experience?What was most challenging for you about this experience?Did your perspective change after your new educational experience? Why or why not.4.  What you learnedWhat did you learn from your new educational experience and how will this information be beneficial to you in the future? How will it benefit you as a family professional?Some examples of new experiences related to sexuality:Read a book of erotic poetry or eroticaWrite a romantic short storyLearn about Tantric sensuality (Kama Sutra)Read and reflect on Psalms in the BibleTake a workshop in sensual massageInterview a leader in a religious faith on an aspect related to sexualityInterview someone who has different religious or cultural views on sexuality (Buddhism, Islam, African American etc.)Visit an adult storeInterview someone with HIV or AIDSAttend a lingerie partyReview a movie such as “Boys Don’t Cry” The Brandon Teena StoryBe a Lamaze coach for a friend or family member who’s having a babyFind out more about a local organization (QSA)Interview a worker at an abortion or pro-life clinicInterview someone involved in an alternative sub-culture (i.e. Nudist camps, transvestitism, swingers, fetish clubs)


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