Evidence-based practice

Evidence-based practice is the most important tool that is used to deliver quality health services. Many research studies have shown that the practice of medicine that is in compliant with HIPPAA guidelines and ICD-10 requirements is very crucial (Hoffmann, 2003). Evidence based practice includes a documentation of the progress of care at every level of medication (Holland & Rees, 2010). The values of evidence based practice help healthcare professionals in all disciplines to recognises knowledge gaps and construct informed decisions to support clinical practice (Zayas, Drake & Jonson-Reid, 2011).
Components of EBP; source: (Ackley & Ladwig, 2010)
In this essay, it is required to apply evidence based practice knowledge and process to deal with the provided case study. The case study talks about Mr. David who is 56 years of age living with his wife and two children. David is an accountant who dedicates most of his time to work. This is because he is the breadwinner of the family. David who had been healthy recently developed a condition that manifested with chest tightness and extreme sweating. However, David ignored the signs because he thought that they erupted just because of the exhaustion of a long distance walk. His wife came up with a suggestion that David should see the GP. The assessment of David’s condition took place and the GP ordered for blood tests and electrocardiogram. David was told to avoid vigorous exercise and stressful situations. However, the most important point that made David to worried is when the GP advice that in case of any similar symptoms manifestation he should be rushed to the emergency department of the nearby hospital. This essay tries to explore the major treatment options for Mr. David inclusive of the potential dangers that might erupt due to the condition, his wife condition and his family in general.
Mr. David’s Nursing Problem
According to the information on David’s condition, a comprehensive and exhaustive nursing plan is very important in addressing the heart attack condition. Medical studies have shown that people aged above 50 years are more likely to get heart conditions due to inadequate exercise and engagement in drug and substance abuse. Old age comes with reduced immunity hence opening ways for diseases. The case of David is complicated and needs a multifaceted approach through a comprehensive nursing care plan. He consumes alcohol, he is the breadwinner of the family, and his lineage has a history of heart failure. Addressing all these problems comes with a lot of challenges such as misdiagnosis. Mr. David does not understand the nature of his disease condition even though his wife understands very well that his family has a medical history of heart attack.
The answerable question
“What is the evidence supporting the rationale for heart attack diagnosis and treatment?”
In conclusion it is the responsibility of nurses to provide immediate, comprehensive care that relies on documentation of the history of the patients. The medical information on David captured in his records book is imperative in addressing his needs comprehensively. This is owing to the fact that it will help in making an informed decision in future in case of recurrence of the signs and symptoms or the emergence of a new condition.
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