Explain how medical magnetic resonance imaging

.Explain how medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exploitsthe magnetic properties of the nucleus. 2.Explain how a sound isactually a form of energy? In what medium do sound waves travel?3.A current is connected to 115-volt power source. If a current of5 amps flows in the wire what is the resistance of the circuit?4.Find out where your electrical power is generated. Does yourlocal utility buy additional power from some other source? Whatkind of fuel or energy is used to drive the turbines? Are therepollution controls that restrict the use of certain kinds of fuelsat your local power plant? 5.Identify at least THREE everydayexamples of waves that travel through each of the following:solids liquids gases 6.In what ways do different kinds ofseismic waves differ from waves on water? 7.Why are the X-rays usedfor medical diagnosis? 8.What other wavelengths of electromagneticradiation are used in medicine? 9.What is the wavelength of thecarrier wave used by your favorite radio station?

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