For this assignment you will need to watch one of the following films which you have never seen before.  After viewing the film you are to evaluate the film based on a theory, perspective, or disorder that we have discussed in class.  In this paper, you are to summarize the main points of the film (no more than 1-1.5 pages), describe the theory, perspective or disease you will be discussing, and analyze how the film portrays it.  Is it an accurate portrayal? Finally, include a discussion of how your views on this topic were changed or not based on this film. Your final paper should be no more than 3-4 pages in length. It is important to note that the obvious choice in these films is not always the only thing to chooseFilms from which to select:A Beautiful MindTrans AmericaGood Will HuntingSybilThe Silence of the LambsInception


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