For this Discussion you will respond to the following scenario:Imagine that you are an employee in the Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) of your county. Your department is launching a campaign to increase quality services to the underserved in your community. You are tasked with developing a media message that HHSA will disseminate to the public, with the goal of persuading people to donate money for a mobile screening bus that can travel to rural areas of the county and reach underserved individuals and families.To prepare:Review Chapters 15 and 16 in the textbook and all of the required readings in the Learning Resources. Consider the strategies and techniques you learned this term. Be prepared to use at least one strategy/technique from the Week 6 Resources and at least two strategies/techniques from the course material from earlier in the term for a total of three strategies and/or techniques in your initial post.Consider the wording of the media message to include in your Discussion.Review this website from Week 2: Synder, W. S. (2011). Principles and practices for advertising ethics. Institute for Advertising Ethics. Retrieved from the codes of ethics for various professional organizations from the Week 1 Learning Resources. Consider the ethics of your message. Think about how it adheres to the standards for human services professionals and/or to ethical principles for advertising and/or other standards/principles of ethics that are relevant to the work you are doing or want to do.References must come fromPerloff, R. M. (2021). The dynamics of persuasion: Communication and attitudes in the 21st century (7th ed.). Routledge.Chapter 15, “Advertising, Marketing, and Persuasion”Chapter 16, “Health Communication Campaigns”Synder, W. S. (2011). Principles and practices for advertising ethics. Institute for Advertising Ethics. Retrieved from (attached)


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