From ongoing assignment:This assignment will form a building block for the final project by requiring you to write an initial draft of the introduction and literature review section of your paper.Prompt: You will submit an initial draft of your introduction and literature review. This paper should begin by introducing the general topic that you are researching (problem statement), it should provide an integrated, critical summary of the peer-reviewed literature on the topic, and it should introduce your research question and hypothesis. Please review the Final Project Document for a detailed look at all of the elements that ultimately need to be included in these sections of your paper. Be sure to use scholarly articles from the Shapiro Library. You may find Shapiro Library’s Psychology Resource Guide helpful as you gather sources for your literature review.   Your submission should include all of the following elements: Description of the general topic or problem statement that you are researching  An integrated discussion of the peer-reviewed existing research on your topic  Analysis of different research designs for their advantages and disadvantages  Evaluation of the appropriateness of the research designs to your research question and determination of the most appropriate design  Summary of what is unknown about the topic  Evaluation of the data analysis procedures used in the literature as they relate to the APA’s principles and standards  Testable research question based on the previous research  Testable hypothesis based on the research question and research around the topicGuidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. This paper should be a minimum of four pages (not including cover page and references), and it should cite at least eight peer-reviewed sources.


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