Health care financing

1. Check global survey on insulin price in your country (refresh the map and find a next file (Excel sheet)
with the results. Present these findings as regional table.
2. Identify, if possible, the outcome of full WHO/HAI medicine price survey for your country (for some
countries this is not available) (on the bottom of the page ?table of all data collected?)
Present a summary of these findings as regional table.
3. Have ICESCR (International Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) and CRC (Committee on Rights
of the Child) been signed/ratified by your country?
See for your search also the ?country? option, right side, bottom of webpage on
Present a summary of these findings as regional table.
4. What does your national constitution state about the right to health?
Use as starting point the report, especially Ch 3.3,
5. Optional: (NB: Very relevant but may be difficult within given time) Identify and describe health
legislation in Malta, in support of universal access to health care (with emphasis on means of financing)

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