Health care organization go about being financially responsible

Response to Unit 9 DQ 1
Respond to the post of at least one of your peers. From the perspective of a wealthy stakeholder who donates to the health care organization each year, assess the suggestions of your peer:

“Financial management is very important in every aspect especially in an emergency disaster based on the scenario given.  The additional concerns related to cost in the mission scenario that is apparent is in regards to the dietary needs the residents require, transportation needed to evacuate residents, and having had short of staff in the facility.  The leaders can manage the resources better by communicating with the other stakeholders in advance to facilitate and anticipate future needs in case something like this happens again.  By simply communicating with the other stakeholders, the organization can anticipate future needs and avoid having to rush to get what is needed.  This also helps the residents continue to meet their needs even in a disaster situation like this.
Communication is the first thing that is needed to be done.  Developing a solid plan and explaining to the stakeholders the importance of anticipating needs can help both parties in managing disaster incidents.  As noted in the scenario, more money can be saved in simply talking with the university to first follow up to make sure they are able to feed a 96 resident facility, and making sure they have the list of special dietary needs of those residents who need it.
As an administrator, aligning individual and organizational priorities relative to cost-effective actions and behaviors is very important in a way that they both affect each other systematically.  An administrator will help the organization by applying cost-effective actions in every way possible because financial factor is important in running a facility.  Disposing the financial resources mindfully will help the organization stay longer and stronger especially when disaster event happened.
Financial factors such as medicine disposal, dietary needs, short staffing issues can affect the residents in a negative way if handled improperly.  The administrator and the team needs to become cost-effective and be mindful of performing tasks such as medication administration, attending to special dietary needs of the residents and handling short staffing and make sure that wasting these resources can not only affect the employees but also the residents in the facility.”

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