Health care professionalsneed to be sensitive to these beliefs and values when obtaining information from these different groups

Each culture has their own beliefs and values.Health care professionalsneed to be sensitive to these beliefs and values when obtaining information from these different groups. Asian Americansview health as a balance between the physical social and mental aspects of the person as a whole. They view illness as a disharmony of these things leading to bad luck and diseases.
Asians are known to believein the Ying and Yang. They have been using eastern medicines for many years.These medicines are either in pill form tinctures raw herbs or balms. These medications are used to restore harmony. They also use treatments such as coining and cupping to cure some illnesses and diseases. They are open to some western medicine. Health care providers must establish role and assume authority. It is important to remember that Asians are family oriented.Asiansdecisions are made as a family.When communicating to Asian families one needs to be sensitive to gestures and other nonverbal cues. Asians are known to smile and nod their heads symbolizing respect and not necessarily understanding. Therefore one needs to assess understanding frequently (Carteret 2011).
When performing abuse assessment one needs to be aware of the nonverbal cues and physical cues keeping in mind their use of coining and cupping. When one suspect patient abuse it is important to ask the individual specific question when alone. Any suspected abuse should be reported to supervisor as well as authorities (Carteret 2011). It is known that Asians are reluctant to seek help or report abuse. They fear to ashame their family’s. It’s believed that many don’t seek help due to language barrier as well as the lack of knowledge of resources available (Cho & Henion 2012). Nurses need to establish trust with their patients andmake them aware of the services available.
Every culture has their own beliefs and values. One needs to keep these things in mind when dealing with different cultural groups. Being sensitive to these things will create better understanding better implementation and better outcomes. If abuse is suspected one needs to report it immediately nurses have the duty to save lives.
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