You will create a case scenario and address the following areas for your assignment: (1) etiology; (2) pathophysiology; (3) signs and symptoms (related to pathophysiology); and (4) diagnosis, treatment, and management (based upon pathophysiology). These assignments should be between 3 and 5 pages in length and contain references used.
These assignments are meant to have you relate pathophysiological concepts to clinical situations. The topic areas are mostly disease or disorders, but there are a few procedures or broader topic areas. You are NOT expected to develop a COMPREHENSIVE research paper, but rather tell a story or describe one possible patient experience related to the topic.
Please begin with a ?case scenario? related to the topic area. This should be a story describing a typical patient with the condition or including the clinical subject. This should be approximately one paragraph in length, and does not need full patient details.
Then, cover the following areas, keeping in mind that your emphasis should be relating concepts to pathophysiology. The four areas are:
1. Etiology
2. Pathophysiology
3. Signs/Symptoms (connect to underlying pathophysiology)
4. Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management (connect to underlying pathophysiology)
Etiology describes the CAUSES and origins of a disease or disorder and the factors that contribute to the occurrence of that disease or disorder. What conditions or characteristics pre-disposed the patient to the condition (e.g., genetics, lifestyle, recent events)?
Pathophysiology describes the CONSEQUENCES of the disease or disorder on the normal function of an organ or tissue within the body. How does the disease or disorder alter the normal function of the body and result in harm to the patient?
The Signs/Symptoms section should include at least three major presenting signs and/or symptoms and relate these to the underlying pathophysiology. Why are these presenting signs/symptoms not normal, and how do they result from the underlying disturbance to normal function (pathophysiology)?
The Diagnosis/Treatment/Management section should include at least three diagnostic tests and/or treatment or management tools for the condition, and relate them to the underlying pathophysiology. How does the definitive diagnosis relate to the disturbance of normal function? How does the treatment or management approach attempt to alleviate or address the underlying disturbance of normal function?
You should include at least three sources, other than internet sources, for your assignment. You can use the Nursing Resources link found on the course site to find peer-reviewed or professional material as sources for your assignment. One helpful source for pathophysiology is Harrison?s Principles of Internal Medicine, which is available to you online through the Nursing Resources link.
The length of the assignment should be between 3 and 5 pages. Again, this is not a comprehensive discussion or research paper on the topic, but rather the creation of a scenario or story where you pull out key aspects of pathophysiology in your discussion.

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