Identify an indigenous tribe that you would like to research.

do a 2-3 page proposal Simple langugage and Simple words! DUE ON 04/28/2017 11:00 AM East time zone!
Research an Indigenous Tribe
PLZrefer to this link:
Step 1: Identify an indigenous tribe that you would like to research.
Step 2: Write your proposal.
Sections to include:
Title:Your title should be concise.Research Objective:Why are you doing this research and what specific issues are you hoping to study? This can be a paragraph.
Literature Review:In most research proposals the literature review notes all the previous research ever done on this group. For this activity you just need to write a paragraph about one study that has already been done on your indigenous tribe. Briefly summarize the study and be sure to cite it in your proposal and include it in a list of references at the end of your proposal. See the module on how to cite research in this class for further assistance.
Methodology:This is where your textbook will come in handy. Explain to the best of your ability how you plan to study the group you have chosen. Keep in mind all of this is hypothetical so use your anthropological imagination and really think about all that you would need to do. Include a list of things you would need to do in order to even prepare for this study (language funding etc). Here are other questions you should answer:
Ethical Considerations:In a paragraph and thinking back to the American Anthropological Association s Code of Ethics what ethical issues do you think you might encounter? What ethical issues could arise? For example if you are studying an indigenous group with a disease might the issue of medicine availability be a problem. The two most critical ethical considerations are: 1) Informed consent: how will you obtain it? Be specific! 2) Confidentiality: how will you ensure it? You should also ensure readers that no harm will occur to your subjects as a result of their participation in your study and that any risks of participating in this research are minimal.
Step 3: Conclude your paper with a paragraph on why you are interested in studying this group of people and what you hope to learn from conducting this study.
Step 4:Be sure to list any sources you used in this proposal. You should at least have one source to reference based on Step 2.

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