Identify (list) three factors that are thought to cause Language Disorders and StutteringDescribe the Variability and Severity of characteristics within the Autism SpectrumIdentify the Primary Impairments present in Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersIdentify the factors related to the Biological Theoretical View regarding the causes of Autism SpectrumIdentify (list) three types of Educational Assessments for students with severe and multiple disabilitiesIdentify Several Disabilities that may accompany Cerebral PalsyWhat is Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele?Describe the Physical Limitations associated with Muscular DistrophyIdentify present and future Interventions for the treatment of children and youth with Cystic FibrosisWhat are the Distinctive Features of Refractive eye Problems, Muscle Disorders of the Eye, and Receptive Eye Problems?


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