IEP Pointers

Introductory paragraph that includes:
a. Student name
b. Grade level
c. Disability
d. What the educational program looks like
e. Where support is given
f. How support is given
g. What is the student pulled out for
h. The frequency and duration of the pull out
The present levels should have information from each content area being taught including math, reading, English, science, social studies, gym, art, music, library, and any other specials class.
Within each content area the following should be addressed:
1. Current grade in each class (what makes up this grade include test scores class assignment scores, participation, etc. Is the grade weighted in any way?)
2. The instructional strategies utilized for this student, degree of success of these strategies.
3. Student?s ability to communicate orally, student?s ability to communicate in writing.
4. Areas of difficulty that relate directly to the common core standards.
5. Rate of acquisition (the speed with which the student acquires, understands, & demonstrates competency of new learning).
6. Rate of retention (how well the student can retain the initial learning after a period of time).
7. How prepared his classwork and homework are and accuracy.
8. Classroom participation and is the student on time for class.
9. Additional behaviors that the student exhibits that interfere with his/her learning or that of others (if there are behaviors then the frequency, duration, intensity must be addressed, also what interventions have been tried and have they been successful, what positive reinforcements have been used and how well do they work).
10. How well does the child interact with adults and other students.
11. Does the student have related services that he is pulled out of class for?
12. What concepts and skills the students understands after initial instruction.
13. What concepts and skills the student struggled with after initial teaching.
a. Did the student receive any type of remediation?
b. Type of remediation (small group, one on one, etc) who completed the remediation (regular or special education teacher).
c. Which type of remediation worked and what instructional strategies were used to help this child understand the concepts being taught?
d. Was there any type of assessment given to the class after the remediation to see if the skills were understood in the assessments? If so what percent did the child get on the assessment to show that the child retained the information taught through remediation?
****There needs to be input from the special education teachers that work with this child. This information should include:
1. Which content areas are being supported with special education services?
2. Are they being supported in the classroom as a co-taught subject?
a. Which content areas?
3. Is the student being pulled out into a learning support classroom to be taught the content?
a. Which content areas?
4. What does the student?s typical school day look like?
5. How does this type of support benefit the student?
6. What goals has this student been working on?
a. What is the baseline for each goal?
b. What is the annual progress that has been made?
c. Has the student met the goal or not?
7. Is the student on task and what is the duration?
8. Does the student need redirected to stay on task?
9. How long can the child remain on task at a given time?
10. What are his goals that have been worked on and what progress has been made on those goals?
Related Services
a. When the student is being pulled out for related services such as speech and OT
b. What part of the day is the student being pulled out?
c. Is the student being pulled out of regular education classrooms or are being pulled out during time that is already special education time?
***Also within the present levels of performance, attendance (tardy, excused absences, unexcused absences), information from the paraprofessional that works with him daily, and discipline should be discussed.
***There should also be input from the nurse in regards to medicine, vision, hearing, and how frequently the child visits the nurse?s office.

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