INSTRUCTIONS: Please choose one of the following questions and post an answer/response by Thursday 11:59pm ET. Also please make sure to respond to at least two posts of your classmates and/or the instructor by Sunday 11:59pm ET. To earn full credit for this discussion assignment you need to make three substantive posts (see Discussion Guidelines under Course Home).  Make sure to include references to the course materials in your responses.(1) Many people believe that St. Anselm’s ontological argument for the existence of God is one of the most powerful and convincing arguments for God’s existence that has ever been formulated.  As you read about the ontological argument in the assigned reading materials for this week take some time to consider why this argument appears to be so convincing.  Do you agree with Anselm’s argument?  Does anything seem a little strange about Anselm’s reasoning or do you notice any problems with Anselm’s argument?   When answering this question make sure to include references to the assigned readings in your response.(2) The controversial subject of intelligent design recently has received a lot of attention in the media.  Spend a little time researching the topic of intelligent design on the internet.  As you are conducting your research, think about how the theory of intelligent design might relate to William Paley’s Watchmaker argument for the existence of God.  The advocates of intelligent design claim that the theory of intelligent design is not a theological argument for God’s existence, but rather merely a scientific argument supporting the idea that the universe was not created by random chance.  Do you think intelligent design is just another type of argument for the existence of God?  Why or why not?  When responding to this question, please make sure to include references to the assigned Paley reading and/or the other resources you found on intelligent design.


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