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Unit I Course Project

Country Analysis: Research Proposal

Expansion of Business Operations

Apple Inc. The company is a global firm that designs, develops, and vends consumer electronics and computer software (Levy, n.d.). It also deals in online services such as IOS, Mac, Apple Store, iTunes, and Apple Music. The company’s headquarters is located in California. The company is popular for its marketing strategies for its goods and its series of personal computers.

Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The Corporate uses the logo of a bitten Apple which was inspired by Newton. Being a multinational Company, Apple is expanding its business operations across the world (Moffett, Stonehill, & Eiteman, 2015). For this assignment, I selected the United Kingdom as a nation for international expansion of Apple Company’s business operations.

The United Kingdom’s Historical Outline

The United Kingdom is popular for the role it played in advancing science and literature and in developing democracy in parliament. In the 20th century, the United Kingdom’s strengths were washed-out in the two world wars and the withdrawal of the Irish Republic from the union (Factbook, C. I. A. 2012). However, later on in the century, the United Kingdom was able to rebuild itself into a current successful European nation. As a founding member of the Commonwealth and the NATO and one of the perpetual members of the United Nations Security Council, the United Kingdom follows a global approach to foreign policy.

Since 1973, the United Kingdom has been an active participant of the EU but outside the Monetary and Economic Union. However, the nation intends to leave the EU since it is frustrated by the huge migration into the country and the remote bureaucracy in Brussels. In respect to this, the UK’s citizens voted to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016. As a result, the United Kingdom is currently negotiating its withdrawal terms with the European Union. Other key events in the United Kingdom include its participation in World War I in 1914 when it entered hostilities against Germany (United Kingdom profile, 2012). During World War II in 1939, The United Kingdom declared war against Germany. However, in 1945, the United Kingdom surrendered the war. Also, a labor leader, Clement Atlee was elected in 1945.

The United Kingdom is the third biggest economy In Europe after France and Germany. Its agriculture is highly mechanized and produces up to 60% of its food needs. Also, the United Kingdom is the leading fishing nation in Europe. The United Kingdom is a major source of multilateral and bilateral aids to third world nations. The nation also has large energy sources such as coal which adds to the nation’s economy.

Size and Location

The United Kingdom is located in the West of Europe and a sixth of the Ireland Island in the north. The UK is situated between the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean in Europe. Its geographic coordinates are 54 00 N, and 2 00 W. The United Kingdom covers a total area of 243, 610 square kilometers where land makes up to 243,930 square kilometers and water 1,680 square kilometers.

Climate, Terrain, and Land Use

The United Kingdom has a moderate temperature which is influenced by the prevailing southwest winds that blow over the North Atlantic Current. The nation’s terrain includes low lying mountains and rugged hills that level to rolling plains in the southeast and east of the country. Most of the land in the United States is used for agriculture which amounts to 71% of the total land while forests make up 11.9 % of the total land. The remaining 17.1 % is used for other land uses such as construction.


The United Kingdom has a total population of 65,648,100 people. Most of this populace is distributed around London. The remaining population is distributed in clusters in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast.


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