Introduction to Health Care Delivery

Introduction to Health Care Delivery
Although the current U.S. health care delivery system offers undeniable benefits according to many the negatives are becoming increasingly unacceptable to greater numbers of people. Rising costs consumer activism and a changing model of health care delivery are driving health care reform. The movement to reform health care has stimulated great political and social interest promoting debate and action at local state and federal levels. Those in the nursing profession can play a pivotal role in the reform movement.
This week you will consider the role of nurses as leaders in health care reform as you examine the Institute of Medicines recommendations for areas in which nursing education and training need to be strengthened to better prepare nurses to be effective leaders.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
Required Readings
Knickman J. R. & Kovner A. R. (Eds.). (2015).Health care delivery in the united states(11th ed.). New York NY: Springer Publishing.
This section of Chapter6 outlines the roles of various government health agencies as well as the powers and responsibilities of state versus federal institutions.

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