IOM Core Competency Paper: Reflection and Research Paper

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has described five core competencies (CCs) required of health professionals to improve professional practice and patient outcomes (IOM, 2003). Quality and Safety Education for Nurses QSEN has expanded these to include knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) that nurses demonstrate in six areas (Cronenwett, et al., 2007):
1. Patient-Centered Care
2. Teamwork and Collaboration
3. Evidence-based Practice
4. Quality Improvement
5. Informatics
6. Safety (added by QSEN)
For this paper, you are to focus on one of the CCs:
• Describe one of the IOM Core Competencies (CCs), and the impact it has on patient care outcomes.
• Research the CC in peer-reviewed, scholarly sources (at least 3 sources in addition to your text) and reflect upon these articles to form an independent opinion of how to best improve patient outcomes by increasing awareness of the CCs you have chosen.
• Describe three ways in which you can positively impact your clinical practice and patient care outcomes with your chosen CCs.
• Think about the current challenges in health care delivery and report on potential barriers to implementing the strategies you have suggested.
• There are no right or wrong answers, only more or less reflection and research.
• Follow APA guidelines for paper format, grammar & language. Cite in-text and list references from scholarly and peer-reviewed sources. Length: 4-6 pages of text (not including the abstract, title page, references, etc).
Grading: refer to rubric.
• Text serves to explain a single identifiable idea, fulfilling an identifiable purpose and making a recognizable point. Text is unambiguous throughout. Text responds to the assignment in excellent detail, support of ideas. Exceeds the assignment inappropriate and meaningful ways.
• Ideas are well explained. Examples are apt, original, well integrated. Text shows that the writer understands course material and has thought beyond it. References are from peer- reviewed sources. Text is set in the context of the discipline, showing evidence of knowledge of the discipline outside of the assignment’s specific requirements.
• Text has clear beginning, middle & end; parts are well integrated. Parts of text are presented in an order that serves a clear purpose. Text divisions are clear and aid in understanding .Text conforms to APA standards
• Diction and vocabulary demonstrate a serious, thoughtful attitude toward the subject and desire for the reader to do the same. Vocabulary indicates thorough understanding of course material. Novel use of vocabulary is appropriate to the field.
• Text is free of syntactic, punctuation, spelling and other mechanical errors. mechanics creatively to advance the purpose of the text and is prepared in accordance with APA citation style
Submit to
IOM: Institute of Medicine (2003). Health professions education: A bridge to quality. (report). Retrieved from
Cronenwett, L., Sherwood, G., Barnsteiner, J., Disch, J., Johnson, J., Mitchell, P., . . . Warren, J. (2007). Quality and safety education for nurses. Nursing Outlook, 55(3), 122-131. doi:
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