journal 5 school

Journal 5.

ENV 101 – Chapter 16, 17, and 18

Type your reply to each question on a new line following the question.Please do not delete the question.Save the file on your computer, flash drive, or cloud storage before uploading the completed assignment to Blackboard.

Part 1

Chapter 16 – Air Quality

  • Compare the significance of ozone in the troposphere with ozone in the stratosphere.
  • List the five primary air pollutants, their sources, and their effects.
  • Describe with a paragraph or drawing how photochemical smog develops.Specifically address the role of:
  • Explain how acid rain effects terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
    • Flowering times of plants
    • pH of the oceans
    • satellite photos of snow and glazier cover
    • sea level measurements
    • gas bubbles in ice cores
    • bird migration patters

volatile organic compounds

nitrogen oxide compounds (NOx)

thermal inversions




Chapter 17 – Climate Change

5.Briefly explain how each of the following help scientists understand climate change.

6.Describe five changes that are predicted to occur to Earth ecosystems as a result of global warming.

Chapter 18 – Solid Waste Management

7.Describe how a modern landfill operates.

8.What problems are associated with landfills?

9.What could be done to increase recycling?

Part 2 – In Depth

Dealers choice.Find a current article (within the past 5 years) on any topic covered in Chapters 16, 17, or 18 (air quality, solid waste treatment, or climate change).The article should come from an unbiased scientific source (see Resources on Blackboard for some links to try).Summarize the article with a short essay (2-3 paragraphs).

You must reference an appropriate scientific resource and include the APA citation.

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