learning outcome discussion

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Learning Outcome: Knowledge of HR Practices – identify the learning outcome that you find to be the
most significant to you personally and why

– please share with the class your current knowledge (either

first-hand, theoretical, practical, etc.) of Human Resource practices

within the workplace. You may share personal experiences if you like.

Just to have an idea about me to this is what I have so far for the first par of the discussion about my self, now I need to add the second part th learning outcome.

“Hello, my name is Luz Aguilar I live in Deltona Florida. After I graduated I’m planning to get a promotion in my current work. Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies I love to visit the historical places and natural parks. I believe one of my strengths is the communication been a good listener is one of the best ways to be a good communicator. It is important to be confident in your interactions with others. I think you will never guess about me is I used to be a plus side and now I’m size 2 and healthier than never. Something I can tolerate is cell phone drivers, people lost their lives because of cell phone drivers. I’ll prefer a heterogeneous team, having a mixture of cultures, abilities and life experiences can create a stronger dynamic within a group. Individuals can be “experts” in roles such as leader, innovator, communicator and peacekeeper. I’ll to get the most to be the best manager possible. I learn better when I can put in practice new things. More on hand learning.”

This is Student learning out come you can use to write this discussion could be around 300 to 400 words.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completionof this course, (MAN4301) B.A.S. students should have acquired new skills, knowledge and/or attitudes to objectively evaluate and understand various human resource fundamentals and how they relate in practice. The student should be prepared to:

1)Describe the functions of human resource management

2)Explain the strategic role of human resources within an organization.

3)Discuss human resource management and its role in the management of organizations.

4)Acquire a variety of human resource management skills and be able to apply these skills in problem solving, including diagnosis, critical thinking, and evaluation.

5)Develop creative and effective solutions for various human resource challenges as students progress through their careers.

6)Demonstrate ability to communicate at a professional (affective) level for all assignments

by integrating concepts (cognitive) from this and other course(s).

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