Learning ResourcesRequired ResourcesSticking Up for Early Childhood Program

Learning ResourcesRequired ResourcesSticking Up for Early Childhood Programshttp://sparkaction.org/node/332Early Childhood Advocacy Toolkithttp://www.state.ia.us/earlychildhood/EC_resources/advocacy/advocacy_toolkit.htmlOrganizing Your Advocacy Effortshttp://www.state.ia.us/earlychildhood/docs/Part7REVISED.pdfTools and Resourceshttp://www.ounceofprevention.org/advocacy/advocacy-tools.phpResources for Action Plan 5Note: You may decide to develop your Action Plan for a different issue other than child care or poverty in which case you will need to find resources about your topic of concern.Web Article: Military Projects at Zero to Threehttp://www.zerotothree.org/about-us/funded-projects/military-families/Web Article: Children and Families of Military Personnelhttp://www.healthychild.net/TheMedicineChest.php?article_id=424Web Article: Talk Listen Connect: Deployments Homecomings Changeshttp://www.sesamestreet.org/parents/topicsandactivities/toolkits/tlcOptional Resources

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