looking for help on homeland security paper 6 pages in length with outline and bibliography

Option #1: Religious Militancy and the Media as a Weapon

Explain the rise of religious militancy and terrorism, and how the internet and the media are used as tools and weapons.

The information on this topic can be found through your research of any outside sources you may find. Be certain to use scholarly resources. Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource. Google Scholar is an excellent resources for this project.

Your essay should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, and must be consistent with APA style Requirements.Use at least three references, including one or more academic articles. Cite all of your sources in APA style.

Your paper must:

  • Be at least six pages in length;
  • Have a separate title page with:
    • Paper title,
    • All major words capitalized and not bold, and
    • Page numbers beginning on the title page, with page 1.
  • Have an outline or table of contents;
  • Have a brief abstract statement summarizing your hypothesis or findings;
  • Feature APA citations where appropriate, and references at the end;
  • Be double-spaced, with all pages in 12-point Times New Roman font; and
  • Have margins of one-inch, right and left, top and bottom.
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