Making Modern Medicine.

Answer ALL Three questions
1. Please read either pp. 55-70 of Pierre Louis’s Researches on the Effect of Bloodletting or pp. 1-40 of Laennec’s treatise on the stethoscope. In what ways does this text stand as representative of changes in medicine that arose at the time of the French Revolution?
2. William Beaumont’s Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice describes his experiments on Alexis St. Martin. What new approaches to medical research are evident in this text, and how did they develop over the rest of the nineteenth century?
3. Louis Pasteur attended the Seventh International Medical Congress in London in 1881, where he gave a brief account of his experiments with vaccination. What was the significance of the events he described?
Your answers should take the form of three short essays, about two or three pages, double-spaced, to a total of six to eight pages. Although it comprises three different essays, you must combine them into ONE DOCUMENT.
You can cite the lecture note but need to put which lecture it’s from.
Need good paraphrasing and citation
but citation page and title page are not needed.

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