Measurement and Conversion Project MGF2106 (Survey of Mathematics)

Purpose: Work individually or as a group to complete various tasks related to measurement andconversion to enhance your understanding and answer the questions. In this project you will beasked to perform multiple conversions within the context of baking and the medical field.
Assignment: Complete the project compiling the various parts into a single document which issubmitted to the Dropbox in Falcon Online. The Discussion Board in Falcon Online may beused to find classmates for working as a group. If you work as a group each student must submit theproject solutions to the Dropbox in Falcon Online by the posted due date with each participants name onthe submission.
Format for Dropbox Submission:
1. The submission should be a single document formatted as .docx .doc .rtf or .pdf.
2. The submission should be typed. If there are parts of the assignment that need to bedrawn by hand they should be done neatly scanned and included in the finalsubmission. Please check with your instructor if you have questions about the formatof the document.
3. Put your name on the document.
Part 1: Baking
Study the recipe for Old Fashioned Two-Layer Pound Cake and answer the questions.
Old Fashioned Pound Cake Ingredients
Preheat oven to 350 F
Mix all ingredients together mixing on medium high for at least 10 minutes until smooth.
Pour into lightly greased cake pans (2 layer pans)
Bake for 1 hourCool on wire rack for 1 hour
1) List the ingredients that use a teaspoon and the amount needed. Add these to obtain thetotal number of teaspoons of ingredients needed.
2) List the ingredients that call for tablespoons of ingredients.
3) If 1 tablespoon equals 3 teaspoons convert your answer from number 1 to tablespoons.From this answer and the answer from number 2 find the total number of tablespoons ofingredients needed for the pound cake.
4) If 16 tablespoons equals 1 cup convert the total tablespoons of ingredients from number3 to cups.
5) List the other ingredients (those not already accounted for) written in cups. Note that 1egg equals 1/4 cup.
6) How many total cups of ingredients are needed for this recipe?
7) The above recipe will make a two-layer cake. Change the amount of ingredients to showthe amounts needed for a one-layer cake.
8) If there are approximately 18 1/3 cups of flour in a 5-pound bag of flour how many cakescan you make from a 5-pound bag of cake flour?
9) If each item can be purchased in the following amounts how many of each ingredientwould you have to purchase to make five Two-Layer Old Fashioned Pound Cakes? Note you cannot purchase partial packages.
Part 2:
Converting within the Metric System
You have been hired as the new Lab Manager for your local hospital. As manager you mustensure that the Doctors have all the medications they require and in the correct dosages. You arein charge of the following drugs/medications: Losartan Atenolol MetforminHydrochlorothiazide Protocol A and Protocol B.On your first day at your new job you are given the supply list for you medications. On this listis the quantity of the supplies on hand. Your new supervisor wishes you to reorganize the list toinclude the original quantity/units to a new list of quantities and different units.
Original List of Drugs and Quantities:
New list
Convert each of the above into the indicated unit
Follow up questions:
7) The range for doses for Losartan per day is 25 100 milligrams. What would be thecorresponding range for doses using micrograms?
8) If an epidemic hits town would the Hospital have enough Losartan on hand to give20000000 people a dose of 75 milligrams each? Explain your answer
Part 3: Impact Question
Provide an example or examples of how the concepts covered in this assignment could beapplied in life or future career choices other than in cooking or medicine. The answer should showsufficient thought effort and research.

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