medical background

Holroyd-Leduc J. & Reddy M. (Eds.). (2012). Evidence-based geriatric medicine: A practical clinical guide. Hoboken NJ: Blackwell Publishing.
Flaherty E. & Resnick B. (Eds.). (2014). Geriatric nursing review syllabus: A core curriculum in advanced practice geriatric nursing (4th ed.). New York NY: American Geriatrics Society.
Case Study 2
CC: irritable and forgetful
HPI: Mrs. White a 78-year-old married woman is brought to the office of her primary care provider by her husband because of increasing forgetfulness and irritability over the past 3 months. Mr. White claims that his wife has had problems for several years now but has just gotten worse in her memory in the past few months. She recently misplaced her purse and accused her son of stealing it.
On three occasions she left the stove on and boiled a pot dry nearly causing a fire. She recently put a container of ice cream into the washing machine instead of into the freezer and her husband did not discover it for more than a week. Mrs. White claims her family wants to take her money and leave her with nothing. No matter what they say there is nothing wrong with me she states.
Past Medical History (PMH) includes: hypothyroidism treated with Synthroid and successful treatment of breast cancer approximately 15 years prior. She also takes over-the-counter ibuprofen for chronic lower back pain and occasional Benadryl to help her sleep at night.
Objective data: Her physical examination is within normal limits.
To prepare:
By Day 3
Post an explanation of whether you suspect the patient in the case study you selected is presenting with dementia delirium or depression and why. Then explain how you would further evaluate the patient in the case study based on medical history current drug treatments and the way the patient presented. Include whether you would modify drug treatments use additional assessment tools and/or refer the patient to a specialist.
Include at least 3 scholarly references

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