Minmum 250 words per question.1. What was the Enlightenment attitude toward science and how did this influence psychology’s history?2. Compare and contrast Wundt and Galton.3. What is the connection between Galton’s beliefs about intelligence and (a) eugenics, and (b) mental testing?4. Describe the essential principles of phrenology and explain why it eventually failed as a science. Be sure to consider the research of Flourens in your answer.5. Show how the two varieties of the clinical method for studying the brain are illustrated by (a) Phineas Gage and (b) Tan.6. Wundt rather than Fechner, is considered to be the founder of modern experimental psychology. Why?7. Describe Webster’s Law and the concept of a jnd.8. Distinguish between primary and secondary qualities of matter and compare the views of Locke and Berkeley’s with regard to these qualities.


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