Negotiation Problem

The CEO of your company was recently fired because of financial and legal irregularities that threw the company into a dire situation where its very existence is in jeopardy. At the initial meeting each search committee explores the nature of leadership and reaches consensus on what kind of leader the company needs to survive and reports its findings to the full board. (Please define the problem in your own analysis… I provided this problem as an example…)


Utilizing the 10 BEST PRACTICES in NEGOTIATIONS provide an analysis and a strategic solution to negotiate the future of the CEO. Present the negotiating document to the full board of directors utilizing the following practices;

  1. Be Prepared
  2. Diagnose the fundamental structure of the negotiation
  3. Identify and work with BATNA
  4. Be willing to walk away
  5. Master the key paradoxes of negotiation
  6. Remember the Intangibles
  7. Actively manage coalitions- Those against you, for you, and unknown
  8. Savor and protect your reputation
  9. Remember that rationality and fairness are relative
  10. Continue to learn from your experience

Points of Evaluation:

• Effective leadership, rather than being a personal quality that resides in special individuals, is vitally dependent on the context of the organization, its particular needs at a given moment, and whether its leaders have the skills to meet those needs

• Negotiation is a crucially important skill for any leader. How leaders negotiate determines in large measure their ability to achieve organizational objectives.

• Effective organizational leadership requires skill at conducting multilateral negotiations and effective coalition building.


In developing your Negotiation document, try to demonstrate clarity of thinking, understanding, and application of Best Practices in Negotiations, and creative — but realistic — use of its tools. Explorations of your options and choices are an important part of demonstration of your mastery of negotiation. There is seldom only one potential course of action in developing a Negotiation Plan; demonstrate that you have considered options and alternatives at each step in your plan and have chosen the best.

This assignment gives you the opportunity to practice developing an integral use of negotiation strategy for a given problem, solution, mediation, proposal, or business venture to make the course come alive through application of the principles and use of the tools presented. It also helps you develop stronger business-oriented written proposal communication expertise. The development of this negotiation plan is an on-going and integral part of the course.


A good Negotiation involves extensive research and analysis in order to make this a realistic and worthwhile project. Obviously, you cannot simply copy a plan that has already been devised by an organization or by another individual.

Suggested sources to get you started:

Webliography Tab: Useful Internet links

World Wide Web: Research the Internet (Do not use WIKI websites)

Or, use other resources available to you, such as:

·  Internal, non-proprietary company information

·  Calls to competitors for product and company information

·  Surveys of potential customers

·  Observation of prospective customers or competitors

·  A literature search at the local library

· Your own newspapers or professional journals for articles and advertisements

Outline for the paper(suggested page count)

I. Scope of the Problem: (1 to 1.5 pages)

· This section is a Summary of the problem presented up for a negotiation. It also serves as the hook for the read who could be the board members who will choose to read or not read the whole Negotiating Plan based upon what they read in this section.

· Appears at the beginning of the paper, but is written last

II. Situation Analysis: (5 to 6 pages)

III. Best Practices in Negotiations(3 to 4 pages)

IV. Strategy (3 to 4 pages)

V. Team Hierarchy Structure (3 to 6 pages)

·  Team Structure

·  Role Description of Team Members

·  Assignment

·  Goals and Assign Tasks

VI. Solution (Negotiation Proposal)

VII. References (Include with every draft)

Paper Format

  • Paper will be formatted per APA guidelines
  • All submissions must be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 point type.
  • Proper spelling, grammar, clarity of writing and style appropriate for a business proposal are expected and will be graded.
  • The final Negotiation Plan should be approximately 16-20 pages in length, plusany applicable attachments, title page, table of contents and reference page.
  • The fully completed plan should include:

·  Title page (include your name, date, title of your plan, name of the course),

·  Page header with running head

·  Table of Contents

·  Executive Summary and the content outlined above

·  Use headings and subheadings

  • Plus any applicable graphics, tables, and graphs.
  • In text citations and reference page (Include with all drafts)

Grading Rubric

It is recommended that you have one working draft of Plan and add to it throughout the course. Rememberto read the grade feedback and go back and revise your Plan prior to submitting your final draft.





Outline of the Structure of the Negotiation (Week Three)



Submit your Negotiation Plan topic using the above mentioned Problem

Plan First Draft (Week Six)



Your first draft must include the Situation Analysis section.

MP Second Draft



For your second draft, add Best Practices in Negotiation sections

Final Plan
(Week 14)

Your FINAL NEGOTIATION Plan must include the final version of all sections including 1.0 Executive Summary, all sections in 4.0 Controls, and 5.0 Conclusion

Plan Content



Includes all required sections. Demonstrates clarity of thinking, understanding, and application of basic Marketing Services principles, and creative — but realistic — use of Negotiation Best Practices

Documentation & Formatting



Your Negotiation Plan follows APA guidelines and assignment format instructions. You are required to have a minimum of eight research references.

Organization & Cohesiveness



Your Plan is well organized using headings, subheadings and good paragraph structure.




Bachelor level writing – good grammar, spelling, punctuation, and good sentence structure.




A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

Best Practices

  • Research is essential!
  • In developing your content, try to demonstrate clarity of thinking, understanding and application of basic Marketing Services principles, and creative but realistic use of Marketing Services tools.
  • Explorations of your options and choices are an important part of demonstration of your mastery of the concepts.
  • Have you thought through and considered your options, provided details of your plan?
  • Have you looked at the entire strategy, the big picture while still considering the more operational elements that make for successful implementation?
  • How well written and persuasive is the plan?
  • Your Negotiation Plan will be written in the THIRDPerson.
  • Tables, charts, graphs, and graphics that accurately illustrate your strategies are welcome.
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