Nursing  healthcare strategic

Please answer the following questions for your Case 10 Analysis.Briefly explain how dire you think the situation is at Rosemont?What would you say is The Rosemont’s real expertise? What are its distinct competencies?What is the community’s perception of the Rosemont?Who are the direct competitors of the Rosemont? Who are the in-direct competitors of the Rosemont?What programs do you think are needed in each of their markets?Do you think that patient needs can be satisfied in ways that are different from current operations?Can The Rosemont modify what it is doing to target new and different patients? If so, how?Develop a list of short-term crisis management interventions. What short-term fixes should be implemented immediately at the Rosemont?What strategies are available to the Rosemont?What would you recommend to Cates about The Rosemont board of directors?

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