Nursing  Term Paper Part 1: Topic and Outline

This is part 1 of your required term paper. In this part, you are to choose a topic as your focus. Choose a topic that will incorporate 3-4 of the concepts discussed within this course (such as ethics, leadership, communication, and quality) and write a short 50 word or less summary of what you plan to address. Then, develop an outline of information that you plan to include (Refer to the Outline Template and Grading Rubric). The provided outline template can be downloaded, and your information inserted into the outline. (see Templates attached below). Be sure to remove any wording that is not pertinent to your own work.  Once you have completed your summary and outline, submit it via blackboard assignment submission.Topics to Choose from:Magnet      designation; what it means for a hospital including      the ANCC’s five magnet model components, how it affects current nursing      practice, and how it affects diverse communities.Clinical      decision support systems (protocols and      guidelines): how their use promotes patient safety and provides      decision-making assistance with computerized alerts and reminders to enhance      health and patient care across the life span.Healthy      Work Environment; how methods to      resolve conflicts in the workplace are developed. How might patient care      be affected when conflicts are present among nursing staff?Lateral      nurse violence: include a discussion of      two of the following:How does lateral incivility affect diversity in the nursing profession?What can the nurse do if feeling intimidated, bullied, constantly belittled, or on the receiving end of anger outburst from another nurse? (Address gender identity or ethnicity issues)Do negative behaviors in the workplace always mean incivility or violence/abuse?How can the patterns of violence and incivility be recognized and stopped?How might patient care be affected when lateral incivility may be present among nursing staff?5. Emergency preparedness and response; how it relates to an emergency health threat such as a bioterrorism incident or the current CPVID-19 pandemic. How might patient care be affected, and policies and procedures changed?6. Mass Casualty events: the role of nurses in preparing and responding. How might patient care across the life span be affected?7. Joint Commission or DNV accreditation process: the impact it has on patient care. The role of the professional nurse in influencing the advancement of the nursing profession. How might patient care be affected?8. Root Cause Analysis: Provide and example and answer the following questions, “When is a root cause analysis used in health care?” “How is this analysis different from just interviewing staff members about their actions?”  “What is the final goal of doing a root cause analysis?”  “Why have some suggested replacing the term “root cause analysis” with “systems analysis?”  “How effective is doing a root cause analysis to improve patient safety across the life span?”9. Latent Errors: discuss the factors that may lead to latent errors involving nurses. How might patient care be affected?

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