outlining your vision philosophy and plan for implementing restorative justice in your work setting

All writing projects must follow theAPA 6THEDITION FORMAT. If you have not purchased the APA Manual do so ASAP. You cannot use the short cut method of downloading or the small booklet. If the assignments are not in the proper format they will not be accepted. Always re-read your workhave the correct Title Page Abstract and References on all assignments.
Assignment 5Vision/Plan- FINAL EXAM PAPER
Write a 6-8 page paper outlining your vision philosophy and plan for implementing restorative justice in your work setting. If you do not work then choose your church or non-profit organization.
Describe in detail the organization you have chosen
Why did you choose this organization?
Does this organization already have a vision statement? If yes what is it and how would you change it? If no write a vision statement for the organization.
What is your philosophy of/for the organization?
What is your plan for implementing restorative justice in your organization?
Do you believe that a restorative justice plan will be effective? Explain your position.
Here is some helpful information listed below:
I currently work in the Medical Field @ Northside Hospital in Atlanta Ga. My position is a Scheduler II-Conceirge Scheduler. I deal with doctor offices one on one to schedule their patients appointments for Radiolody studies such as MRI’s CT’s Xrays Ultrasounds and Nuclear Medicine exams. I work in a small office with a total of 8 people.
Northside’s Mission
Northside Hospital is committed to the health and wellness of our community. As such we dedicate ourselves to being a center of excellence in providing high-quality health care. We pledge compassionate support personal guidance and uncompromising standards to our patients in their journeys toward health of body and mind. To ensure innovative and unsurpassed care for our patients we are dedicated to maintaining our position as regional leaders in select medical specialties. And to enhance the wellness of our community we commit ourselves to providing a diverse array of educational and outreach programs.
Reference: Northside Hospital 2017. Northside Mission statement retrieved fromhttp://www.northside.com/aboutus

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