Overview of Assignment:

Overview of Assignment:Welcome to In the News!
The In the News assignment has been designed to give you the opportunity to review current news articles about one of the Healthy People assigned focus areas addressed by the Healthy People 2020 program’s Vision, Mission, Overarching Goals: http://healthypeople.gov/2020/.
To prepare for this assignment, keep your eyes open for an article in an online news publication that relates to your Healthy People assigned focus area, my assigned focus area is Environmental Health. The news article should be intended for the general public. Examples of such sources follow:
• Magazines and newspapers (e.g., The New York Times)
• Health news websites (e.g., National Public Radio’s (NPR’s) “Health” section)
• News updates from government sites, such as “In the News” at the National Institutes of Health site (http://www.nih.gov/, upper right-hand corner of homepage) or “Science News” at the National Institute of Mental Health (http://www.nimh.nih.gov/science-news/index.shtml)
Assignment: When you find an article:
• Consider how it relates to your Healthy People assigned focus area
• Review the current statistics stated in the article
Write a 1 page (excluding references) Summary of the article And include a Comprehensive to the following questions:
(1).Does the article address a biomedical perspective, a prevention perspective, or both? Please explain.
(2).What levels (or level) of the social ecology of health model are addressed in the topic? See p. 15, Figure 1.1 of your text.
NOTE: Post BOTH the article summary AND the comprehensive response together
Be sure to provide a hyperlink to the article that informed your response and cite and reference it appropriately in your response. APA style format, No Plagiarism and must be cited with references. Thank you.
Video: Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2009). Behavioral and cultural issues in health care: Health perspectives. Baltimore, MD: Author.
• Course Text: Coreil, J. (Ed.). (2010). Social and behavioral foundations of public health (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

o Chapter 1, “Why Study Social and Behavioral Factors in Public Health?”
The first chapter in the text describes the importance of studying culture and behavior. It provides a historical perspective of the field of behavioral and social sciences and sets the stage for the course with its overarching framework, the social ecology of health model. This chapter also explores the levels of social influence on health issues.
o Chapter 2, “Historical Perspectives on Population and Disease”
This chapter delves deeper into the history of health, from the perspectives of disease and the cultural evolution. It also touches upon the health problems that generally occur at different stages of life.
o Chapter 5, “Health and Illness Behavior”
Chapter 5 reviews the levels of prevention covered in the first course in the program (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and lays the groundwork for the course by reviewing the relationship between health and illness behavior.
o Chapter 7, “Social Reactions to Disease” (pp. 134–136)
In this section of Chapter 7, you will study the concepts of medicalization and hygienization with respect to disease behavior.
o Chapter 8, “Comparative Health Cultures” (pp. 145–154)
The authors introduce the concepts of ethnomedicine as well as the various “sectors” of medicine in this section of Chapter 8. The authors also explore cultural models of illness.
• Article: Healthy People. (2010). Healthy People 2020: The Road Ahead! Retrieved from http://healthypeople.gov/2020/
You will become familiar with the Healthy People 2020 Campaign during this course. Healthy People 2020 is a national effort designed to solve unequal and unjust health treatment of populations. This website will be used for the In the News assignment as well as many other assignments in the course.
• Article: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (2009). Beyond Health Care: New Directions to a Healthier America. Retrieved from http://www.rwjf.org/content/dam/farm/reports/reports/2009/rwjf40483

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