Paramedic Professional Practice

Each student will be expected to perform a literature search related to paramedic professional practice and/or medical legal issue and summarize the literature in a short written submission. The literature must include a minimum of 3 journal articles (more is recommended). The following criteria must be met:
1. All journal articles must have been retrieved from a peer reviewed journal (i.e., JEMS, Canadian Paramedicine, magazines etc. are not appropriate). The articles can be “primary research” or “secondary research”.
2. The journal articles should relate to the same topic but can take similar or opposing positions on the topic.
3. The article must be directly related to course content listed in the course outline and / or discussed throughout the semester (or approved by the course instructor).
4. The written submission should be no more than 400 words and should identify the topic, rationale for selecting the topic and/or relevance to the field of paramedicine, a summary of the main findings, implications for paramedics and/or students in PARA126 and next steps.
5. The written submission must be appropriately referenced using APA format.
? When submitting the written submission, attached must be copies of the full journal articles (this helps ensure students were able to retrieve the full article rather than just the abstract).

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