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Paper is attached.

Strategic Plan Part 1: Proposal of a New Division


Strategic Plan Part 1: Proposal of a New Division

April Allen


June 18th, 2018

Victor De Jesus

Strategic Plan Part 1

Creative World School has been operating in the United States since 1970. As a leader in early education, they embrace the highest standards for early childhood curriculum with age appropriate education. The schools align with national standards to ensure that every child has an excellent educational experience while being creative an imaginative. The classrooms are full of fun, laughter and the joy of learning (.creative With increasing numbers of people joining the workforce there is a need for quality care and forward thinking when it comes to ideas. In the last quarter of 2018, Creative World Schools will proudly introduce a Childcare Concierge that will service all of its locations. This paper will explain and outline the importance of Creative World Schools proposed mission, vision and values determining the strategic direction of this newly proposed service. This service Creative World is introducing will change the way child care is viewed in the future and provide a cultural revolution.


The vision that Creative World has for this new innovative service is to provide concierge service focusing on supporting parents with childcare needs outside of the normal standard guidelines. To be supportive in all situations that arise without affecting their everyday life negatively. Introduction of the service will start with the metropolitan areas which are so business focused and not family oriented. This will help in becoming an integral part of the business community allowing parents to work harder and worry less. The overall goal is to become a National Child Concierge service that enhances daycare and childcares all over the world providing absolute service and becoming relevant in all families.

Mission Statement

Time = Freedom=Reliability

Creative World wants to be sure that both the business and the new product represent the mission statement of the business and benefit customers and the children while in their care. The mission statement for this new Childcare Concierge company is to deliver complete freedom by providing a service that is incomparable and offering something that is invaluable Sense of security and TIME! Creative World is committed to providing parents with a helping hand by allowing us to lessen the burden of everyday life.


The purpose of this childcare concierge service is to assist parents in the day to day activities that could cause undue stress as it relates to their children. This service will help with any situation that may arise from the basic transportation to the basic drop off of a document for a field trip. This service will offer safe reliable transportation for the child to and from any location without inconveniencing a parent. For example, if the parent is at work and can’t leave and the child is sick and needs to be picked up. The concierge service will pick the child up and drop them off at the designated location. Although child drop off and pick up will be one of the main focuses we will provide other small services as it pertains to the child, such as dropping off lunch or clothes to the school. Since each family is special and the needs are varied, this business is limitless in how it can assist a family. Though no limited to families, businesses can contract out to Childcare Concierge to keep employees at work and focused. We all know in today’s business world when emergencies come up parents just can’t leave without the possibility of being reprimanded or losing pay. This concierge service will help take all the worries away.


There are many benefits to this new Childcare Concierge service. Time, convenience, reliability and peace of mind. With this service parents do not have to worry how things will get done, if they will be reprimanded at work or if they will lose pay. This service will be available for assistance with any kind of issue that may arise. This service will provide the value of security which we know is one of the most important values for a parent. It is safe and convenient for all parents to use when needed. (According to S. Frost, 2017) By providing high quality care and customer service to the parents will keep enrollment high and become a highly referred business provider of all childcare needs.

Strategic Decision

Creative World is a daycare/school with multiple locations Nationwide that provides childcare and learning for children, ages of 6 weeks to 10 years old. As an all-inclusive childcare business this would be the next step in providing total care to assist the parents of the children in their care. (According to Grant, 1991) Although the foregoing discussion of the links between resources, capabilities and profitability has been strongly theoretical in nature, the implications for strategy formulation are straightforward. In doing surveys and analyzing the facts, it was determined that this was a much needed service that parents would benefit from. (According to P. Albanese) Quality childcare entails well-trained and well-compensated early childhood education and care professionals, since the quality of care depends on the caregiver’s ability to build and sustain strong relationships with children and their parents, and to provide secure, consistent, sensitive, stimulating, safe, and rewarding environments. From the parents standpoint this would be a benefit in assisting them with non- traditional childcare needs. Although, this has not been done before the need outweighs the risk based upon what we found in our discovery. This service will provide parents with much needed comfort by providing a helping hand, allowing the day to day stress to be alleviated. The final decision in deciding to proceed with the Childcare concierge service is because the service would greatly enhance our business longevity as it relates to revenue and retention.


While the obvious risk is the safety of the child there is much more at stake, such as, financial loss and integrity of the business. The integrity of Creative World and Childcare concierge is at risk if safety issues arise that are not addressed before accidents occur. Management of risk is anticipating all possibilities prior to an occurrence which could cause harm to a child and the employees. (According to K Butcher, MSU 2017)Comprehensive insurance policies can help lessen the cost of a possible lawsuit by providing an appropriate liability coverage. Quality care is a balance of providing qualified staff and being able to pay a comparable wages. By keeping the level of care and enrollment high, this will lessen the turnover of good quality employees and keep the business growing in the right direction. Continuous training is recommended for up to date safety concerns and giving the employee the tools to provide quality care necessary to create an impeccable reputation in the industry.

Customer Needs and Competitive Advantage

The concierge service will provide something everyone wants especially parents which is convenience. This service will offer options to parents where there would otherwise be none without serious impacts to their jobs, pay and time. This service will be budget friendly while offering a very reliable service which is to of the most important needs to parents. The concierge service will offer the latest technology while the child is in their care even though the parent won’t physically be with the child they will be able to monitor the entire trip without leaving their office or wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection. The service will allow Creative World to keep the competitive advantage as no one provides this service in the daycare/childcare world. When a service like this is offered, it assists with keeping the retention and increasing the revenue. With the more services you offer the likelihood of a parent moving their child from this daycare to another will be greatly diminished.


In conclusion, in today’s fast paced society children having more active filled schedules from daycare to dance. The stress it causes on the parents can cause unnecessary anxiety which the Childcare concierge can alleviate. The Childcare concierge will be a benefit to society, providing safe and reliable transportation with reliable and caring employees. Our company will have integrity and keep their promises to the customer (parent and children). Our employees will be vetted to ensure that they have a safe driving record, emergency medical training and background check so that the children are safe while in our care. We will treat your child like one of the family, ensuring a level of comfort for both the parents and children. Being a part of the Childcare concierge team means we will explore innovative ideas to increase the integrity of our mission by upholding Creative World’s vision.


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