Personal Statement – Becoming a doctor of podiatry medicine

Provide information about your development for a career in podiatric medicine.
PLEASE MAKE UP A STORY THAT WILL CAPTIVATE THE READER FROM START TO FINISH. I’m not too fond of sad stories… but if you are sure the sad story you are going to write will captivate me, go for it. I listed some important point of my life. I really love podiatry… feel free to make up a story.
– Born in Haiti
– Moved to USA in 2008
– I’m a Senior at University XYZ (Major: Psychology; Minor: Biology)
– I speak French , Creole, and English
– Part of International Medical Outreach at XYZ University (ask for details if needed)
– Suffered PTSD after the shooting of one of my best friends in Haiti (I was 12 years old when he died from his injuries he was 12 also)
– My family has an history of diabetes (aunt and uncle)
– When I was 16 my aunt lost both her legs (due diabetes) my family thought she was being prosecuted by demons (Familiar custom in Haiti).
– Worked full time during my entire college career while being a full time student
– Worked at my cousin’s dental office for 2 years (my cousin is a dentist in New York)
– Went to volunteer (help) with my family and friends in Haiti after the Earthquake (there is a lack of podiatrists in Haiti)
– Volunteered at GREGSON Clinic in New York (2014)
– Volunteered at a Dental Office in New York
– Shadowed a couple of podiatrists
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